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Let’s drop all the buzzwords & bullshit. I’m here to help you get unstuck, focus your goals and live a happier life.

It’s Life Coaching but without the frilly bits. It’s not therapy or counselling, which are focussed on dealing with trauma and the past. If you are looking for advice on a diagnosis, medication or anything else you would see a doctor for, stop it right now friend.

‘Stop it right now friend’

Me, just now

What I can offer you is a safe, non-judgemental space for discussion, exploration and personal development.

Like everything at the minute, sessions are run remotely via Zoom at a time to suit you.

Interested? Get in touch to organise a free 30minute chat to discuss what you are looking to achieve.

Otherwise, enjoy! Share, comment, follow, subscribe and all the rest.


Pictured: One depressive, on a good day.